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Mobile Advertising White Papers

MEDIAPULSERTB offers the optimum, time-tested yet innovative solutions for application developers and publishers who can opt from the variety of alternatives of the monetization of the resources of their mobile applications and web. MEDIAPULSERTB has years of experience in providing the international mobile dealers the means to convert their informational resources into cash and we know the best routes to these ends.

The Unique Value of an Integrated Mobile Advertising Platform

MEDIAPULSERTB flexible demand technologies provide the scaffold for contest of all demand resources for each impression query. We have improved the old approaches and solved the problems of traditional ad exchanges and auctions so that now every request would be satisfied and no possibility will be lost.

Transforming premium media buying through real-time trading

MEDIAPULSERTB is dedicated to aiding smarphone app creators and publishing agents in efficient monetization of their content. At the crux of our success lies our ultramodern platform and exchange with a functionality that allows publishers to immediately transact with clients and brands and independently handle the options of their mobile ad resources.

Successful Global Monetization Strategies for Mobile Apps and Websites

The tactics and strategies implemented by MEDIAPULSERTB are a warrant of supreme results for your mobile app or site. We aid publishers and app designers to develop a winning monetizing roadmap that would bear golden fruits on our ad marketplace.

White Papers for Mobile Advertising
How to find a successful idea for mobile advertising?

Top Secrets of Mobile Publishers for Successful advertising campaigns

Immersed in the marketing of mobile applications, you will notice that everything is completely different. Traditional marketing channels and approaches no longer work in this niche. Therefore, even if you are an expert in digital marketing, when building an application promotion strategy, set aside trial and error. The main idea is to stay open to the new when it comes to building such a strategy. You will need all your innovation and flexibility to choose the one that best suits your application.

Finding appropriate marketing channels

The next tip concerns selectivity when choosing a marketing channel in which you want to invest. Do not expect that the universally used online advertising strategies (banners, newsletters) will work. You need to place online advertising of your application wherever your audience spends time when using mobile devices.

Choosing the right social media

Mobile device-targeted social media advertising should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. It is important to carefully consider the possible options and determine the most effective. First, you need to identify which social networks your target audience most often uses. Secondly, consider the type and features of your application and, based on this, determine possible groups of users in other social networks. Third, determine which types of advertising are most attractive for your target audience and are combined with content on the social network. Then you should make sure that the user needs only one click to get to the page of your application in the app store.

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